Concrete Bacon

I'm a soundtrack artist, currently working on indie video game projects! #ConcreteBacon!

Anonymous asked: would you give a blowjob for weed?


if u said ‘no homo’ in your question then i would have considered it but you are asking a completely ridiculous question!! i cant believe this website

Anonymous asked: is this blog a joke? or is this a serious blog? like???


you know that feeling you get when you walk into a movie theatre and the previews are already playing and you have no idea what is going on? well that happened to me last weekend when i went to go see the purge usually im at the theatre before the previews come on and i was really pissed, but, to answer your questions yes to all three

Anonymous asked: Being a straight white boy is so hard! especially growing up and becoming a straight white man! do you know what it's like to have to go and buy your OWN underwear and when you get to checkout you have to hand it to the cashier and the model on the package is some beefcake slathered in baby oil? i always have to buy a playboy with it, just so they know im straight.


^^^^^ this

Straight White Boy Problem #442


being in a group project with a bunch of girls has its perks because I usually sit back and watch what they are doing but if they are doing something i dont like its hard to counter what they are doing. they have strength in numbers…just like me and my bros when we go loiter at walmart

Straight White Boy Problem #443


mom asked me what minecraft was and I told her its a game where you create your own world and build your own things and then she asked me “well if it’s a game then how do you win?” and unfortunately the magnitude of her question shook me because I didn’t have an answer

Straight White Boy Problem #445


*watching women’s tennis* hehehe girls hit balls and scream! haha dude that’s why I only watch women’s tennis because if guys do that then that would be soooo GAY. your dad plays in a tennis league on sundays? I’m sorry man I didn’t mean to offend you we’re still bros